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Camli Hemsin

 Travel Planing to Turkey

Travel planning maybe very difficult. The first thing you need is to assure the things you want at your travel. You have to plan all the things needed and pack them before you leave. As Hotels booking, Transportation booking, Guided Tours booking, Car rental bookings etc.

Mainly travellers are likely to forget many things while packing, so better ask a local company to make an itinerary before packing and check the itinerary before you leave for traveling. You can even take online help of tour operators for travel planning.

Follow the instructions below for planing your trip

 Step 1 - Destinations

Learn about your destinations as much as you can. what to do?, How to do? where to stay? how to go? etc. In Turkey your arrival destinations can be Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye etc.

 Step 2 - How to reach your destinations

Check the avalibilities of transportation which can fit your travel. By train, By bus, By Flight. When you decide to use your transportation type search about the cheapest and safest fares from Travel Agencies in your Country. And Buy your flight tickets. But while choising the flights check the arrival airport and check if is it easy to reach the city centrum

 Step 3 - Your Accomodation and Airport transfer

You bought your ticket and now you need to find a nice hotel for staying in your destination city. There are lots of online hotel booking sites which you can use easly and find the best prices options for you. For checking the hotels also check the location of your Hotel and how easy the transportation to touristic attractions. You can check your Hotels from here 

Booking 234x60 En

After booking your hotel from our sponsor please give us the confirmation number and get 2% Discount from our all services

 Step 4 - After booking your Hotel Daily Guided Tours in the city

You made your Hotel booking and check the worth visiting places in the area. For visiting the touristic attractions we will recomend you the small group tours which will make you save time and you get better informations of the tourist guides about the attractions. After make your hotel booking if you send the confirmation number of our sponsor you can choose any of our services with 2% discounted prices. and you make your city tour booking.

 Step 5 - Your City tour is ready and you need to travel country side

 After finalize your landing city tours you  may want to visit  some other touristic attractions which is out of the city. Before you make any booking ask a tour operator what can you do? how can you travel etc. then ask him to make an itinerary for you. Because local operators will know better stuations of the buses, flights, trains, ferries etc.
 When you get an itinerary ask your operator to recomend you accomodations, transportations, guided tours, advanture tours etc. ''We beleive that best and flexible itineraries can be done by local operators as we are one of them experienced since 1989''

For our experiences you can check us from Trip Advisor


Finding cheap flights can be tricky if you don’t know where to start your search. To make things simpler, We have put together eight hot tips to ensure you get the best deal possible for your next flight of fancy.

1. The early bird gets the best prices

The earlier you buy the ticket, the more you can save. Travellers seeking tickets at the last minute should be aware that domestic carriers generally put the prices up at this time. This is especially so for domestic flights on the high seasons, long weekends and school holidays. Major airlines usually offer their cheapest seats 5-6 months in advance.

2. Be flexible

Being flexible with your dates can mean big savings when it comes to crunch time. The prices for travel vary everyday so sometimes it pays to hold off flights a week or so until they are selling at lower prices. Remember, no two people on a flight will have paid the same price for a ticket. If you want to fly cheaply, it should be booked early.

3. You should avoid!some dates

When looking for the cheapest flights, there are a few key dates to avoid. Travelling from March to November is generally more expensive as this is considered to be the main tourist season. The Christmas/New Year period can be equally as same, if not more so. Also religiouse and public holidays same too. Because in urkey there are long holidays for public and religiouse holiday

4. it’s Friday and never book a flight for this date

Quite a few airlines release their weekly sales on Friday afternoons. Their dramatically decreased prices cause other airlines to respond. The cheapest time to buy is considered monday afternoon as most sale fares are published at this time. The second-best time to buy is considered thursday at 4pm.

5. Ask the Local travel acency

Most of Local agencies are selling the domestic flight wth better rates and they may want to add afew more services to your flight tickets as special rated hotel, guided city tour, package tours etc. Also having some city tours and airport transfers will be the best idea. Personally you pay more then what you pay to local agency

6. Ask for wholesale fares

When you book through a travel agent, asking for a packaged deal can save you money on your airfares. Sometimes wholesale airfares are only available as part of a package. Packages can be great for savings on hotel stays, too. Most will include add-ons like massages, extra nights, free cocktails and buffet breakfasts so this could be a great way to save all-round, and make the most of your travel budget.

7. Compare online

After you have found the best deal, see if the airline carrier will offer you a cheaper price on the same flight (sometimes sites will tack on a surcharge for their service). Also make a note of any cancellation fees that may be hidden in fine print just in case.

8. Ask your agent

Sometimes trawling through websites can be confusing, especially if you don’t really have a flight budget in mind. Asking your travel agent to do the work for you can be a great idea, especially if you are not confident with the internet. Travel agents can tailor packages; make sure you get the most of your frequent flyer points and much more.

How to Book a Hotel?

Normaly head booking will be great for your travel. All hotels are giving more reasonable prices for head bookin from online booking  systems a you can book easly your Hotel

Booking 234x60 En

How can you choose a good Hotel?

Not all hotels are good located for your travel. for exemple you want to visit istanbul and you found a hotel cheapper then other hotel and  hotel is located in asian side of Istanbul. Maybe this hotel is 20 euro cheapper then other good located hotels and they offers more facilities then more expensive one. But when you choose that hotel which is located in asian side if you want to visit the old town you will spend long time to come to old town and ofcourse it will be more expensive for you. That is why location is important. In istanbul we recomend the hotels which is located Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Beyazit, Fatih, Topkapi, Taksim districts this regions have more facilities to reach old town.

Another important thing services of Hotel

After walking around old town you may be more tired then normally. When you go back to hotel for relax the hotel facilities should be enought to relax you. coffee, tea service, TV, Wi-fi etc. You may get idea of a local travel agency. Because Travel agencies recomendation will be the healty recomendation because they have chance to see hotels often. Ofcourse Price
Choising good hotel with reasonable price is important but how? the easiest way ask a travel agency to recomend you a hotel and you get prices and before you book you can search the prices from online  Hotel booking websites. Some online sites has realy good prices but still you get advise from travel agency about the hotels is better

 How to Pack a Package Tour 

After Booking your Flight, Bus tickets,  Accomodations, You may need to make some regional tours in each regions. Better you join a guided tours in each regions. That will make you save time and sometimes money. Once you book your regional tour  that will give you the advantages as You dont need to wait at ticket line at the from of the museums. You dont have to worry about transportation to each places, plus you will have some one who knows the area better then you.

Some regional Tours fo your trip
  • Regular Istanbul Daily guided Tours

  1. Old City Tour with guide 08:30 am -17:00 pm
  2. Private guided walking tour 08:30 am -17:00 pm
  3. Bosphorus Cruise 08:30 am -17:00 pm
  4. Princess island Tour 08:30 am -17:00 pm
  5. Sile Agva Tour  08:30 am -19:00 pm
  6. Dinner Cruise
  •  Regular Cappadocia Daily Guided tours
  1. South Cappadocia Tour
  2. North Cappadocia Tour
  3. Ihlara Valley Tour
  4. Hot- air Balloon Tour
  •  Regular Antalya Tours 
  1. Aspendos Side Perge Tour
  2. Kekova Tour
  3. Thermossos Tour
  •  Olympos and fethiye Tours
  1. 4 Days 3 Nights Boat Cruises
  • Regular Pamukkale Tours
  1.  Pamukkale Hierapolis Tour
  2.  Aphrodisias Tour
  • Regular Ephesus Region Tours
  1. Ephesus Guided Tours
  2. Pamukkale day Tours
  3. Miletus didyma Tours
  4. Pergamon Tours
  • Regular Gallipoli and Troy Tours
  1. Gallipoli day tour
  2. Troy Tour
  3. Gallipoli and Troy Tour
  4. Assos cultural Tour





Other Recomended Tours:

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